How much do you spend each year on anti-aging creams? Hundreds? Thousands?

Before you spend another cent on anti aging cream, here are a few things you need to know according to Sydney’s leading laser clinic, Cosmetics By Sia.

  • By far the best anti-aging investment you can make in your skin is a good mineral sunscreen, worn daily. Most visible signs of aging occur due to incidental sun exposure. Wearing sunscreen every day from a young age will help prevent them.
  • Excessive exfoliation will accelerate aging. Excessive exfoliation damages the skin’s epidermal barrier. It is the epidermal barrier that protects the skin from UV rays, pollutants and irritants. If you damage this barrier, the skin will divert precious resources from the dermis, where they are needed, to fix the epidermal barrier.
  • The skin’s dermis is where aging occurs. This supportive layer thins about 1% per year in adulthood while the production of collagen and elastin drop off. To truly have an effect, anti aging cream must penetrate down to the skin’s dermis.
  • Most anti aging creams just sit on the surface of the skin because, if they are sold over-the-counter, then they cannot, by law, penetrate any further than this, to do so would make them medical grade.

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