Is the thought of putting on a bikini driving you to consider ineffective cellulite cream? Well, before you spend your hard earned money on cellulite cream, read this first.

Cellulite, which occurs in the subcutaneous layer of the body underneath the various skin layers, is caused by a number of biological factors, including a lack of circulation, toxin accrual and weight gain.

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So it’s pretty logical, when you think about it, that any cellulite treatment needs to not only penetrate down to the subcutaneous layer, but also address all three causes of the cellulite in the first place.

This is where cellulite creams fail. Cellulite creams simply sit on the surface of the skin, temporarily plumping up these top skin layers. The reason why these creams sit on the surface of the skin is because over-the-counter creams in Australia are, by law, not allowed to penetrate any further, because this would make them medical grade.

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