Have you ever checked out the ingredients in your current cosmetics? Chances are your ingredients list will include unpronounceable words that look as scary as they sound.

If you can’t pronounce it, chances are it’s not great to put on your skin.

So visit Cosmetics By Sia for the range of skin care that is not only chemical-free, but 1,000% more effective than most skin care brands you can buy over the counter.

Our chemical-free skin care range, Chiral Actives, is physician formulated, meaning it is medical grade. In layman’s terms, this means that it can penetrate down to the skin’s supporting layer, the dermis. This is important, because it is the dermis that gives our skin its elasticity and resilience and it is the dermis that needs all the nutrients contained in your skin care.

Why your current skin care could be making you look older!

But if skin care is sold over the counter, then it is, in fact, not allowed to penetrate past the upper layers of the epidermis, meaning even if those expensive creams contained some beneficial ingredients, they are not allowed to get down to the dermis anyway, by law.

So for truly effective, medical grade, chemical-free skin care, visit Cosmetics By Sia.