Cosmetic Creams

Applying a cream to your face or body can be little like playing Russian roulette with your skin. You may buy a cream with the best of intentions, but can you really be sure of what’s in it, or whether it will react with your skin type?

Many of the face creams, skin care creams and other anti-wrinkle creams available today often contain harsh preservatives, perfumes and other chemicals that can actually harm your delicate skin, aging your appearance even further.

At Cosmetics By Sia, we have a selection of all natural, medical grade facial creams and other skin care products that exceed the highest clinical standards to provide the best results available for a topical skin treatment.

Our skincare ranges are suitable for all skin types and skin conditions. We use only the purest and natural active ingredients in our skin products, and are confident you will not find better combination of bio actives, anti-oxidants and acids to nourish, stimulate and exfoliate your most important asset. So visit Cosmetics by Sia today, and see how we can improve the health and appearance of your skin!


You would be surprised at the amount of chemicals in most facial creams available today around the world. Even creams which claim to be ‘chemical free’ contain parabens, petrochemicals and artificial colours and fragrances.

The Australian-made Dermedix range has an amazing array of pure actives from medical science and nature to nurture, protect and revitalise your skin. Dermedix cosmeceuticals contain chirally corrected molecules, and are free of any chemicals whatsoever. Dermedix has a selection of skin care such as cleansers, anti-aging cream, acne creams and the best eye cream on the market today. See the full Dermedix range here.

CosmeticsbySia makes this promise: we will not sell you a cream that will not work for you or that is not suitable for your skin.

Cosmetics By Sia also has a range of cosmetics, which are naturally perfume, preservative and chemical-free, to improve the quality of your skin while you wear makeup, and we also offer you the best in laser pigmentation and hair removal treatments without the high prices.

Our clinic is one of the most respected Cosmetics clinics in Sydney as we offer the best skin care, cosmetics and skin treatments. We are honest with our clients – meaning we tell you upfront what results you can expect. We provide you with a comprehensive skin assessment using the latest in diagnostic technology to ensure we prescribe the right option for your skin, so book today for a free consultation with one of our friendly staff.

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