Acne Creams

Most acne creams on the market today take a heavy handed approach – trying to clear acne by severely stripping and drying out the skin.

Unfortunately, this approach does not work and can often make acne and inflammation worse as skin becomes sensitised and irritated.

Chiral Actives, a new skin care range on the market in Australia, uses the latest research and all natural ingredients to calm and sooth acne so the skin is nourished and can effectively heal itself.

Chiral Actives is just one of the proven effective acne treatments available at Cosmetics By Sia. For effective acne treatments, or for more information, contact Cosmetics By Sia.

Acne Creams

Most acne creams rely on harsh chemicals, like hydrogen peroxide, or harsh abrasives to strip the skin of natural oils, thereby inflaming acne-prone skin further.

The latest research into skin care shows the key aspect of effective acne and skin care is restoring the natural epidermal barrier that protects our skin.

The top epidermal layers of our skin are critical to our health and survival; they protect us from the sun, environmental pollutants and premature aging. There are well known benefits to an intact epidermal barrier that are overlooked by most skincare companies who use harsh cleansing and exfoliating agents in their acne cream products.

With an intact barrier, acne is improved because:

  • The skin is more hydrated, which also means oil production is normalised,
  • UV protection is better because the skin reflects light better,
  • There is less inflammation and sensitivity because environmental toxins and other foreign particles are prevented from entering the skin.

Vanish is an acne cream that contains .75% Retinaldehyde. This all-natural, liposomal, chirally correct acne cream contains ingredients proven to dramatically improve the skin. It clears acne, normalises oil, shrinks pores, increases skin’s immune support, remodels scarring, hydrates, calms inflammation, protects skin from UV rays, restores the epidermal barrier and restores dermal thickness.

Vanish only contains natural, potent ingredients, so can be used by even the most inflamed skin. These ingredients include: Retinaldehyde, the most potent and most natural Vitamin A available; niacinamide, which is anti-bacterial and barrier restoring while also improving the healing of old acne wounds; Phosphatidylcholine, which is very hydrating and soothing as it supplies essential fats to the skin, and is proven to reduce acne by as much as 70% because it supplies essential fats that normalise sebum production; Pregnenolone, a hormone precursor that reduces acne through reducing testosterone activity at the dermal level, Mandelic Acid for anti bacterial properties, Cucumber Extract for soothing, tightening and anti-inflammatory effects; Coriander Extract for calming anti-acne effects; 1,3D Beta Glucan, an effective acne scar remodeler; Willow Herb designed to dramatically improve redness; Chamomile Extract and Basil Extract.

All of Chiral Actives acne creams increase the blood supply to the dermis and stimulate fibroblasts to restore the skin to a healthy, functioning state.

Chiral Actives only contain chirally correct, natural ingredients, and zero chemicals, so all skin types, even sensitive skins, can use Chiral Actives.

To find out more about how Chiral Actives can help you, contact Cosmetics By Sia.

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