Body Creams

Who doesn’t love a good body cream? They make your skin smooth, supple and more healthy, right?

Wrong! Not only are most body creams available over the counter in Australia today doing nothing more than plumping up the surface layers of your skin, they may actually be doing you harm.

Skin care sold over the counter in Australia is not allowed, by law, to penetrate past the upper epidermal layer of the skin. To do so would make it medical grade, and medical grade body creams can only be sold by dermatologists and good skin clinics, such as Cosmetics By Sia.

So what the advantage of a medical grade cream? The lower layer of the skin, or the dermis, is actually the supporting, elastic layer of the skin, and it is in the dermis where aging and sagging occurs. So for aging to be halted or reversed, a treatment must reach the dermis.

What the cream you are using now is doing is simply plumping up the upper skin’s layers. We call this the ‘Cinderella effect’ because it looks great while it’s on, but wash it off and everything goes back to the way it was before!

Another drawback of many body creams is that they contain petrochemicals—or an oil created as a by-product in the petrol distillation process. Yes, anything called ‘white oil’, ‘mineral oil’, ‘petroleum’, ‘petrolatum’, ‘liquid paraffin’ or ‘white paraffin’ (among many other names) is actually a petrol by-product. But it’s cheap, clear and odourless, so into many creams it goes.

If putting something on your skin made from petrol sounds yucky to you, check your current body cream—90% of mass produced creams use it. If in doubt, Google: ‘other names for mineral oil’.

So, if you want a chemical-free, effective, medical grade body cream that will actually improve the quality of your skin, visit a Laser By Sia clinic near you.

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