Day & Night Creams

Tired of using one cream for the day, and one cream at night?

Wish you could just use the one cream for both day and night?

Well, now you can, thanks to Chiral Actives.

Chiral Actives, now available at Cosmetics By Sia, are an amazing range of all natural products which contain the most potent, natural form of topical vitamin A available: retinaldehyde.

Ever wondered why you can’t use your rich night cream during the day? It is most likely because it contains a vitamin A derivative, such as retinol.

Retinol can’t be used during the day as it causes your skin to become photosensitive – meaning you can develop age spots or dark marks on your skin if you wear a retinol and go out into UV rays.

But Now, Chiral Actives products contain retinaldehyde, the most potent and natural form of Vitamin A available. This proven ingredient is gentle on the skin, yet has powerful abilities to stimulate collagen and elastin.

Most forms of Vitamin A are extremely unstable and are sensitising and irritating to the skin and can’t be used by pregnant women.

Retinaldehyde, used in all Chiral Actives products, is stored in our fat cells and NOT our blood, therefore making it totally safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It is also causes no photosensitivity, which means you can use any cream both day and night.

Chiral Actives

All of Chiral Actives products increase the blood supply to the dermis and use strong fibroblast stimulators to restore the dermis and epidermis to its original healthy state.

Chiral Actives only contain natural and chirally correct ingredients, and do not contain damaging chemicals, like sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone, parabens or any other artificial additives or chemicals. Chirally corrected ingredients means we use the most active and least irritating form of an ingredient, so all skin types, even sensitive skins, can use Chiral Actives.

The Repair series by Chiral Actives are three similar creams that contain varying strengths of retinaldehyde. These all-natural, liposomal, chirally correct serums contain ingredients that are proven to dramatically improve the skin. The Repair series contains various concentrations of retinaldehyde, as well as phosphatidylcholine, which restores essential lipids to the epidermal barrier, regulates oil, clears acne and protects against sun damage while restoring moisture; Chlorella Vulgaris a proven antioxidant and remodeler of the skin that reduces collagen and elastin degradation; and 1,3D Beta Glucan, a proven stimulator that encourages new collagen/elastin layering and scar tissue removal. Repair can be used on its own, or mixed with your favourite day or night cream, for amazing anti aging benefits.

By using Chiral Actives, you will:

  • Restore and protect the protective epidermal barrier of your skin,
  • Smooth the skin with natural exfoliating factors that ‘eat’ scar tissue and loose, dead skin cells only,
  • Promote collagen and elastin production in your dermis.

To find out more about Chiral Actives serums, day and night creams, eye creams and more, contact Cosmetics By Sia.

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