Face Creams

Cream is everywhere: face cream, organic face cream, anti-wrinkle face cream, face cream for dry skin, face cream with spf, vitamin e, aloe vera and a plethora of other ingredients.

In fact, the ingredients in most face creams only seem to be outnumbered by the promises the cream manufacturers make. Every cream is the ‘best’ for face wrinkles or the ‘best’ for lifting the face. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before face cream not only combats wrinkles, but also does your ironing as well!

With all the false promises and bad face cream reviews out there, it can get a bit confusing when looking for an effective face cream you can trust.

Fortunately, the most respected name in laser treatment in Sydney today,Cosmetics By Sia, now offers an end to false promises and confusing face creams promises. We have developed a selection of the best, all natural, medical grade face creams.

Our skincare ranges, including anti-aging face creams and other specialised treatments, face cream with chemical-free sunscreen and body creams, are perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skins. So visit Cosmetics today.

Face Creams
Most anti-aging face cream available over the counter can only penetrate the skin superficially. No matter what it promises, this cream just reaches the first couple of layers of skin and not down to the dermal layers where skin imperfections originate. The skin is also our largest organ, and acts as a huge, permeable layer between the world and you. It lets toxins out, but is also absorbs them. You only need to look on the label of the face cream you are using now to see just how many chemicals you are putting on your skin daily. And those are just the ingredients they choose to tell you about! Labeling laws mean you are not getting the whole story. Even the best face creams that claim to be ‘chemical free’, contain petrochemicals and artificial colours and/or fragrances. And if you are using a whitening face cream, then you can also add hydroquinone to the list, a chemical that is banned in many other countries due to the side effects it causes. Hydroquinone is not yet banned in Australia, meaning the whitening cream for the face you are using right now could cause burns and scarring. There is no point in using a hydrating face cream to ward off wrinkles when it contains all manner of chemicals that are harmful to your skin.

The Dermedix range of cosmeceuticals are free of all chemicals, parabens, preservatives and artificial ingredients of any kind. Dermedix is chirally corrected and has a selection of cleansers, the best anti-aging face cream available, face firming creams, retinol face creams, face whitening creams for excess pigment reduction, and an incredible face cream containing pure vitamin c. See the full Dermedix range here.

Is your ‘natural’ face cream really all that natural? Our natural ranges of face creams have various creams with inbuilt chemical-free spf, face cream which boosts collagen production in the skin, anti-aging face creams and face creams for a lifting effect – all without chemcials.

Don’t just buy a cream for the face and hope for the best. Ask yourself, is the cream you are using based on actual scientific results, or is it just marketing hype? You can spend thousands on expensive night face creams, day creams, moisturising face cream, dry skin face cream and anti-wrinkle cream for the face that offer no better results than face cream products from the supermarket!

Cosmetics By Sia is recognised by the skin care industry in Sydney as offering the best face and body care cream, cosmetics and laser skin treatments. So if you are swamped in ineffective face firming creams that promise the world and deliver nothing, book today for a free consultation with one of our friendly staff.

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