Facial Creams


Most adults, both men and women, use facial creams during their lives. Whether it is to hydrate dry skin, or tighten skin, or protect us from the sun, or to achieve anti-aging benefits, facial creams are built into our daily routines.

What many facial cream users don’t realise is, most of these facial creams contain chemicals, preservatives and colours/perfumes that can do more harm than good, including accelerating the aging process.

That’s not what you wanted to hear is it?

Cosmetics By Sia’s name is synonymous with the best Cosmetics skin treatments available across Sydney. But now we also have a selection of the best, all natural, medical grade facial creams and other skin care products in Australia and the world.

Our skincare ranges, including anti-aging facial creams, facial cream for men, chemical-free sunscreen and body creams, are suitable for all skin types and skin conditions. We use only natural ingredients in our products for an amazing combination of enzymes, bio actives, anti-oxidants.

So visit the most respected Cosmetics Clinic in Sydney now, Cosmetics By Sia, and see what we can do for your skin.

Facial Creams

Got a bad facial cream review or horror story? Or maybe you have just saw the terrible facial cream reviews online or on the TV. This is not surprising. Between your body washes, body creams, facila creams and more, you are applying a lot of chemicals to your skin daily.  Even best facial creams most likely contain artificial colours and fragrances. And whitening facial cream also contains additives like hydroquinone, which is no longer used in other countries. Facial hair removing creams are also ladened with damaging chemicals that can cause burns and scarring. Using a regular over the counter facial massage cream is just like rubbing chemicals into your skin. In a nutshell: you cannot cover your skin in these chemicals and expect great results.

Our Dermedix, and Chiral Actives ranges have a selection of skin care, such as cleansers, anti-aging facial cream, other facial treatment creams and eye creams that contain only natural, pure, chirally correct ingredients, for great results. See the full ranges here for natural face creams, all-natural, chemical-free sunscreens, facial hydrating cream and body creams.


So don’t take your chances with a chemical facial cream, when Cosmetics By Sia has other natural, effective options. So book today for a free consultation.

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