There seems to be a moisturiser, or ‘moisturizer’ for just about every occasion or body part you can think of. There are facial moisturisers, body moisturisers, natural moisturisers, moisture creams, organic moisturisers, oil free moisturiser, men’s moisturiser…you get the picture!

But latest research shows that all these face moisturisers and moisturising creams may actually be accelerating the signs of aging!

This is because these mass-produced skin moisturisers use harsh chemicals and exfoliating agents that damage our epidermal barrier – the barrier that actually protects us from UV rays and environmental assaults.

The latest research uncovered by Cosmetics By Sia proves what good skin care companies have known all along – aging and other skin conditions occur in the dermis, that is, the support structure that our upper layers of skin sit on. This is why deep scars, scars that have reached the dermis, never heal, because it is this supporting structure that is damaged.

So for any face moisturiser or body moisturiser to be effective, it must reach the dermis. Sadly, almost every single facial moisturiser on the market today doesn’t penetrate to the dermis. In fact, it is likely only 2% of the ‘best moisturiser’ you are using now reaches the dermis.

To find out more about aging and how to slow it down and reverse existing wrinkles, age spots and sagging, contact Cosmetics By Sia now! We have years of experience in skin care to bring you the latest in skin care research and products, including the best facial moisturiser available today.

Moisturisers are an emotive issue

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter and we all search for the ‘best’ face moisturiser or the ‘best’ body moisturiser. We scour articles on ‘top 10’ moisturisers and moisturiser reviews for that elusive product that will work for us.

But these are the simple moisturiser facts: for a moisturiser to be effective it must reach the dermis, it must stimulate collagen and it must restore and protect our epidermal barrier. And it is these three essentials where existing skin moisturisers fail.

This is because this moisturising lotion contains chemicals that just sit on the surface of your skin, plumping up the top layers of skin temporarily.

Even your moisturiser for dry skin and your moisturiser for sensitive skin contain chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic colours and fragrances that do not deliver any nutrients, and that actually damage your epidermal barrier.

What is this epidermal barrier thing anyway?

The top epidermal layers of our skin are critical to our health and survival. The epidermal barrier is what helps to protect us from infection, allergens, UV rays, pollutants and free radicals. Research shows that an intact barrier helps to regulate oil and sebum production, deflect UV rays and reduce inflammation.

A damaged barrier from chemical face moisturisers or over-exfoliation, actually makes us age faster, as crucial nutrients need to be diverted from the dermis to fix the epidermal barrier as soon as possible.

This means whatever products we use on our skin, be it cleansers, toners or moisturising lotions, need to protect this natural barrier.

Chiral Actives is the most advanced skin care range available across Australia today. This is because Chiral Actives’ range of natural moisturisers delivers nutrients to the dermis and protects and restores the epidermal barrier.

Repair I, ii and iii, are all natural, liposomal, chirally correct anti aging skin serums with wonderful moisturising factors that contain proven ingredients that dramatically improve the skin. This skin care moisturiser uses seven different collagen and elastin stimulators to remodel the skin, including our research-proven, patented liposomal retinaldehyde, the most potent and natural form of vitamin A available. This anti aging skin care cream also has the unique ability to increase collagen and elastin production, remodel scarring and restore the barrier, which results in normalised oil and excellent hydration while preventing environmental toxin absorption.

Banquet is a powerful antioxidant liquid serum. This all-natural, chirally correct, liposomal antioxidant natural face moisturiser is made with the most proven and potent antioxidants available. In addition to getting a significant percentage of the antioxidants to the dermis, which protects at a deeper level, Banquet also contains five collagen and elastin stimulators, including GHK Copper Peptides, Ginkgo Biloba Extract and Niacinamide, which maintains a healthy barrier, stimulates collagen and increases food supply to the skin.

Shade by ChiralActivesis our all-natural, spf moisturiser that is proven to withstand sun exposure better than most sun blocks on the market. This moisturiser with sunscreen provides significant broad-spectrum sunscreen protection utilising silica-coated nanonized zinc. This is the safest of sunscreens available because it does not break down, like uncoated zinc, and it does not absorb into our system like nanonized titanium.


Saturate is the best skin moisturiser available today, and is the best moisturiser available for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis sufferers. Our all-natural hyaluronic acid and liquid crystal moisturiser uses natural lipids to restore the epidermal barrier. It also uses Argirilene for firming, and niacinamide, which is proven to help restore the skin’s barrier and feed the skin with its own, natural moisturising factors.

What if I have acne?

The companies that make moisturiser for oily skin would have you believe that the only way to treat acne is to strip the skin of its natural oils, and to use an oil-free moisturiser or an acne moisturiser that contains peroxide.

This treatment just dries out the skin and damages the epidermal barrier.

Vanish is our all-natural, liposomal, chirally correct moisturiser for acne prone skin that clears acne, normalises oil, and shrinks pores. By far the best moisturiser available for oily skin, Vanish increases the skin’s immune support, remodels scarring, hydrates, calms inflammation, protects skin from UV rays, restores the epidermal barrier and restores dermal thickness. This moisturiser will leave your skin clean, soft and clear, to help remove and prevent acne.

Chiral Actives

A good moisturiser is paramount. Chiral Actives are the best moisturisers as they only contain natural and chirally correct ingredients, and do not contain damaging ingredients, like sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone, parabens or any other artificial additives or chemicals. Chirally corrected ingredients means we use the most active and least irritating form of an ingredient, so all skin types, even sensitive skins, can use Chiral Actives moisturiser.

Chiral Actives range includes: a vitamin c powder that can be added to any of the Chiral Actives’ moisturisers for a non-oxidised vitamin c containing a boost of natural vitamin e moisturisers; a dry skin moisturiser, a night moisturiser, a protective spf day moisturiser, moisturiser suitable for oily skin, dry skin moisturiser and more. All our moisturisers are incredibly hydrating as they use the skin’s natural moisturising factors and protect the epidermal barrier.

All Chiral Actives moisturising creams also contain the most potent, natural form of Vitamin A around, retinaldehyde. Retinaldehyde is proven to be gentle on the skin, yet powerfully stimulates collagen and elastin. Other forms of Vitamin A are extremely unstable, sensitising and irritating, can’t be used by pregnant women and cause photosensitivity, so they can only be used at night.

Retinaldehyde is stored in fat cells rather than the blood, making it totally safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is also causes zero photosensitivity, which allows us to use it in the morning too, so we get double the dose.

Huge skin care conglomerates would have you believe you need a moisturiser cream, an aha moisturiser, organic moisturisers, oil free moisturisers, aloe vera moisturiser and even a separate moisturiser for men! This is not the case. Chiral Actives’ range of moisturisers suit all skin types for both men and women and our moisturisers are totally free of harmful chemicals, additives or synthetics.

So if you are looking for the best moisturiser or just want advice on how to best moisturise and protect your skin, then visit Cosmetics By Sia for a skin assessment and properly prescribed skin care routine.

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