Skin Care Creams

Trying to wade through the excessive marketing, hype and advertising surrounding skin care creams today is like trying to wade through quicksand: the more you struggle against it, the faster you sink!

Should you buy a dry skin cream or a sensitive skin cream? What’s the difference between a skin tightening cream and a skin firming cream? Do you need both? Is natural skin cream the same as organic skin cream and herbal skin cream? Does a man need a different skin care cream or product to a woman? And what about skin cream with vitamin C? Collagen skin cream? Vitamin E skin care cream?

It’s mind boggling!

At Cosmetics By Sia, we believe that skin care creams needn’t be excessively complicated and that the best skin care cream in the world is simply a combination of pure, natural ingredients without preservatives or other chemicals – no fragrances, no synthetics and no empty promises!

This belief is behind our exceptional skin care ranges Dermedix and Chiral Actives.

Behind the hype and empty promises of most skin creams on the market today you’ll find a cocktail of synthetics, preservatives and chemicals that do more harm than good.

So if you are tired of the lies, come into Cosmetics By Sia and check out our all natural, medical grade skin creams.

Skin Care Creams

You would be surprised at the amount of chemicals in most skin cream today. Even the best skin creams which claim to be ‘chemical free’ contain parabens, petrochemicals and artificial colours and fragrances. And these are just the simple moisturising skin creams you can get anywhere. If you also use a skin lightening cream, a skin whitening cream or a skin bleaching cream, then along with the other additives is also hydroquinone, a chemical that is banned in many other countries around the world for its damaging side effects!

At Cosmetics By Sia, we don’t believe putting chemicals on our skin will get the best results and we definitely advise against using a cream containing hydroquinone to bleach your skin.  We offer only the best creams for the skin to nourish and heal, naturally. So visit Cosmetics by Sia today.


The Dermedix range is different to the chemical concoctions available today. Dermedix has a selection of all natural chirally corrected skin care moisturiser creams, dry skin creams and the best skin whitening cream to fade skin discoloration without chemicals. Dermedix also has cream for sensitive skin, dry skin care cream, skin firming creams and a range of natural, chemical free sunscreens. See the full Dermedix range here.


As you can see, at Cosmetics By Sia we have done our research to supply you with the best, most effective, natural cosmeceuticals available worldwide today. Not only is our skincare cream guaranteed to do what it says it will, we ensure you get a comprehensive skin assessment so we can tailor a skin care program to suit your needs and skin type. But don’t take our word for it, read our skin care and skin cream reviews here.

We all want to care for our skin and do what’s best for its health – this is why we spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year buying moisturisers for our skin. We unwittingly buy these chemical-filled skin care creams thinking we will achieve younger looking skin. But in reality, these skincare creams usually leave us with unmet expectations, damaged skin and empty pockets.

Cosmetics By Sia offers the best facial skin cream, cosmetics and skin treatments. We are honest and tell you upfront what results you can expect from our skin care creams, products and services, so book today for a free consultation with one of our friendly staff.

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