Do you spend a fortune on expensive face creams, only to find your skin not only doesn’t improve but actually looks worse? Many people are shocked to learn just how many chemicals are in your average face creams and what these chemicals are doing to your skin.

Along with the synthetic colours and fragrances in the creams is also an array of parabens, petrochemicals and sodium laurel sulfates. Far from aiding in anti aging, these creams can actually accelerate the aging process.

This is because these chemicals damage our epidermal barrier. The epidermal barrier is a layer of special skin cells that protect our skin from things like UV rays, pollutants, irritants and allergens. And when this barrier is compromised, the skin becomes stressed.

Natural creams at Cosmetics By Sia

But now, thanks to Cosmetics By Sia, there is a new range of entirely natural face creams which are not only free of chemicals and additives, but that also penetrate into the skin 1000% better than other cosmetic creams and help to heal and nurture the epidermal barrier.

The result? Clear, nurtured skin that functions the way nature intended. Find out more here or visit a Cosmetics By Sia clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney CBD or Castle Hill.