We should never underestimate the hot Australian sun. Even on an overcast day, the sun can give you a very damaging burn in only a few minutes.

So this summer, make a good sunscreen your best friend.

Cosmetics By Sia recommends carrying around a good physical sunscreen (also known as a mineral sunscreen) with you wherever you go. This way, you will never be caught out in the sun without protection again.

What the difference between a physical and a chemical sunscreen? Find out here.

A good physical sunscreen will not only protect your skin from painful burns and potentially dangerous skin problems, it will also be the most effective anti-aging weapon you will own.

This is because the sun significantly ages the skin prematurely when it is unprotected; and much of this damage occurs during incidental sun exposure.

Simply by applying a good physical sunscreen every single morning before you go out can significantly reduce the development of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sagging and more.

So this summer, don’t get caught out and damage your skin, instead, apply a good sunscreen every day, carry some in your bag and enjoy the sun without the guilt.

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