Natural mineral cosmetics can actually been a boon for your skin thanks to the amazing healing elements they contain.

There are many different brands of mineral cosmetics available that market themselves as natural cosmetics. But beware, even these so called natural cosmetic brands can contain hidden nasties, like talc, preservatives and synthetic colours/fragrances. These additives can trap bacteria and perspiration on the skin throughout the day, stopping natural cell turnover and suffocating your skin, causing breakouts.

Mineralz By Sia – a truly natural cosmetic brand

Mineralz By Sia is a truly natural mineral cosmetic brand that only contains natural elements found in nature.

These cosmetics blend beautifully to provide you with a natural, flawless complexion without caking or sinking into lines. They also provide natural UV protection, anti-inflammatory properties, while also absorbing oil to improve acne-prone skins.

These cosmetics are made from elements of natural rocks found in the earth, such as zinc, iron oxides and mica. Our cosmetics formulation is also so gentle it is used by our clients following laser, peels and other procedures, and actually helps to heal common skin conditions.

To find out more about the Mineralz By Sia cosmetic brand,  visit a Cosmetics By Sia clinic.