Cosmetics By Sia does not only specialise in the latest hair removal technology and the best skin rejuvenating treatments, Cosmetics By Sia clinics also sell the most effective, natural skin products available today.

Cosmetics By Sia clinics take a holistic approach to skin health, offering not only treatments and advice, but also natural skin products and information so you can make an informed decision about your skin’s health.

One of our pet peeves is the amount of chemicals in much of the skin care that Australians use today. Due to our lax laws, chemicals like hydroquinone, mineral oil, parabens, synthetics, sodium lauryl sulfates, colours and fragrances can make it into our skincare when many are banned in other countries!

It is our mission at Cosmetics By Sia to make sure that we all know what we are applying to our skin on a daily basis, which is why we provide you with free articles about these issues.

If you want to improve you skin’s health, we also provide access to the best natural skin products available today. Chiral Actives are completely free of all chemicals, while penetrating 1,000% better than over-the-counter skin care to deeply nourish, protect and restore healthy skin functioning.

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