So you’re trying to do something good for your skin by buying organic cosmetics…or so you think.

The problem is, the rules in Australia mean that to qualify for organic labelling, the product only needs to contain a certain percentage of certified organic ingredients. This means the rest of the ingredients in some organic skin care can be anything they like, like synthetic fragrances, preservatives and chemicals like mineral oil.

Really, the word ‘organic’ when it comes to cosmetics and creams is a bit of a toothless tiger. Not only are very few products 100% organic, the truth is as long as the products are natural and chemical free, there’s no difference or extra benefits. Plus, any cream sold over the counter-even the organic ones-can’t penetrate past the upper layers of the skin by law anyway!

So if you are looking to do something good for your skin, then flip over the bottle of your organic cosmetics and check out the ingredients list instead. We at Cosmetics By Sia suggest you steer clear of any skin product that contains: mineral oil (also listed as white oil, liquid paraffin, petrolatum and derivatives of these), parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, preservatives, colours and synthetic fragrances.

Even better, visit a Cosmetics By Sia clinic and get a skin diagnosis using the very latest in diagnostic technology and a prescribed skin care program using our 100% natural products that are guaranteed medical grade and chemical-free. Call us now.