If you’ve ever suffered from acne or blemishes, then you’ve probably reached for the acne cream at some stage.

But before you do so again, you need to know a few key things.

Acne creams that are sold over the counter in Australia can contain all kinds of harsh chemicals and synthetics. From hydrogen peroxide to mineral oil, these chemicals can actually inflame your skin even more, making your acne even worse!

Why? Because excessive drying of the skin, using things like hydrogen peroxide, and excessive chemical use can damage the skin’s epidermal barrier. This barrier is the skin’s first line of defence against things like bacteria, pollutants, allergens and diseases. With the barrier damaged, the skin cannot protect itself effectively and becomes more inflamed, infected and irritated.

Excessive drying also has the opposite affect on the skin that you require during an acne outbreak. This over-drying of the skin using chemicals just causes the skin to produce more oil, and therefore, more acne.

So get off the chemical train and visit us at Cosmetics By Sia. Using our new diagnostic technology, we will accurately map your complexion, find the cause of the problem and heal your skin naturally using our chemical-free solutions.