How do you know if the skin care products you are using are right for you? This is the problem with modern skin care products – we see the commercials and buy the products without any idea of whether the products will do what they say, or will even be right for our skin.

At Cosmetics By Sia, we never sell skin care products without an appropriate skin diagnosis. This is because common skin problems, like acne and eczema, can be made worse by the chemical-heavy, synthetic skin care products available over the counter today.

Containing harmful additives like mineral oil and parabens, these types of skin care products simply sit on the surface of the skin, never penetrating anywhere near the dermis where they need to be, and actually damage the skin’s natural defence – the epidermal barrier.

So if you suspect your skin care products may be doing more harm than good, visit Cosmetics By Sia. Using the very latest in diagnostic technology, we will give your skin a thorough check-up and prescribe gentle, effective and chemical free skin care to restore the skin to its natural healthy state.