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Our medical grade skincare far supersedes any other range on the market due to its scientific backing in clinical studies and research. We use only the most active of ingredients and have an extremely effective liposomal delivery system that allows for the skincare to penetrate to the deeper layers of our skin where aging occurs. Our skincare range is free of all chemicals and synthetics.

The latest research into skin care has unearthed two revelations:
• Aging occurs in the dermis, and
• Chronic exfoliation accelerates aging.

Chiral Actives natural skin care is designed to address these two issues using the most important active ingredients such as Retinaldehyde, Niacinamide, 1,3 Beta Glucan and Hyaluronic acid to name a few. These actives are naturally found in our skin and can therefore be taken on by our cell receptors without irritation or aggravation. The results are truly outstanding and you will notice your skin tone, texture and overall appearance will improve remarkably within 2 weeks.


Chiral Actives is based on one common-sense understanding: aging, and most other skin conditions, occur primarily in the dermis. Therefore, to help prevent and reverse the signs of aging, skin care must reach the dermis.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of current skin care doesn’t get past the epidermis. In fact, research shows that only 2% of this skin care actually reaches the dermis. This skin care then fools us into thinking our skin is healthier, because it temporarily ‘plumps up’ the surface layer of skin through inflammation, synthetic fillers and product that deposits into the epidermis and remains there temporarily.


The latest research into aging has discovered that over-exfoliating our skin actually makes us look older.

This is because, everyday the skin is bombarded with nutritional demands and free radicals from diet, stress and the sun. The upper layers of skin, aided by a special epidermal barrier, help to protect us from these daily assaults.

This epidermal barrier is made up of several layers of stratum corneum, called ‘corneocytes’. Sadly, decades ago, skin care manufacturers decided these natural corneocytes were ‘dead’ and they needed to be exfoliated.

When we are young, our dermal blood supply, which also feeds the epidermis, keeps up with the workload. But as we get older, the amount of blood supply declines which forces the skin to make some hard choices.

Due to age, a lack of nutrition and pollutants that stress our immunity, our dermis thins about 1% a year. But our epidermis cannot ever afford to thin, as it protects the body from infection. So to preserve the epidermis, the epidermal cell turnover slows down and the dermis diverts scarce nutrients to the upper layers of skin.

Ill-informed skin care companies address this slowdown by advocating constant and chronic exfoliation of the skin, which damages the precious epidermal barrier. This, in turn, forces our bodies to divert more, already scant nutrients, from the dermis to fix the epidermal barrier.

This loss of nutrients causes our dermis to thin even more and aging to accelerate. It’s just common sense: The top epidermal layers are critical to our health and survival and they do not need to be chronically exfoliated (for more on this, see: Why we need an Epidermal Barrier).

Chiral Actives is a revolution in skin care, as it delivers ingredients directly to the dermis and restores the epidermal barrier so that the skin is healthier, more efficient and can actively protect and restore itself.


There are many important benefits to an intact epidermal barrier that are overlooked by most skincare companies that advocate over-exfoliation.

With an intact epidermal barrier:
• The skin is more hydrated and oil production is normalised, to improve acne, aging and congestion.
• UV protection is higher because the skin reflects light more effectively, to improve hyperpigmentation and age spots.
• There is less inflammation and sensitivity because toxins,allergens and other foreign particles are prevented from entering the skin, to improve skin irritation, psoriasis and eczema.

As you can see, virtually every skin condition benefits from an intact epidermal barrier.

Chiral Actives increases the blood supply and uses strong fibroblast stimulators to restore the dermis and epidermis to its original, healthy state.


Chronic exfoliation causes scar tissue to build up in the dermal and epidermal junction. This scar tissue ends up causing a blockade preventing blood supply and nutrients from reaching the epidermis from within, therefore creating an impair epidermal barrier. This scar tissue also prevents nutrients, antioxidants and skin repair growth factors from reaching the dermis topically, which in turn prevents us from targeting the aging process.

To restore the dermis you must have adequate skin care absorption at a dermal level, you must increase blood flow, you need to remove scar tissue to make room for new collagen and elastin and finally, you have to stimulate fibroblast activity.

Chiral Actives addresses these issues by using natural ingredients, such as 1,3 Beta Glucan to scavenge scar tissue, increase blood flow, and by using eight fibroblast stimulators that have a liposomal coating to increase their penetration into the dermis by 1,000%.


With our dermal absorption rate proven* to be 1,000% better than virtually every other existing skin care brand, we have a duty to make sure potentially harmful ingredients do not get into the skin.

So Chiral Actives contains only natural and chirally correct ingredients.

Chirally corrected ingredients means we use the most active and least irritating form of an ingredient. There are two main benefits to this strategy: the first is that these ingredients communicate better with the skin because they are recognised and ‘link’ with skin cells; and the second is artificial additives are more prone to cause inflammation or adverse effects, and since every skin condition has inflammation at its core, minimising it makes it easier to achieve excellent results.

We also do not use harsh chemical ingredients, like sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone, parabens, petrochemcials or any other artificial additives.

Chiral Actives has the most effective, active line of products available in Australia today by addressing skin care’s first problem, dermal absorption, and by using the most research-proven, natural actives found in the industry.

We deliver 1,000% more product into the dermis and use the most proven ingredients available. In fact, we have over 100 research articles supporting our ingredients.

The best part is that Chiral Actives delivers incredible results month after month with no ‘plateau effect’, without traumatising the skin and without damaging the epidermal barrier.

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