Mineralz by Sia contains no alcohol, preservatives, perfumes, dyes, talc or mineral oil. Mineral makeup works by creating a ‘mirror’ effect and reflecting light from the face thereby creating the illusion of smoother skin. Minerals also won’t sink into fine lines or become pasty, so is helps to hide fine lines and even out skin texture.

Minerals are perfect for inflamed or sensitive skins or those recovering from laser treatments, peels or microdermabrasion as titanium dioxide is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Zinc oxide can also calm inflamed skin, which is almost certainly the case for women suffering from rosacea, as well as blemishes and acne.

Minerals also help in balancing oil secretion, while allowing the skin to breathe normally. Minerals also protect the skin, and offer sunscreen protection as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide contain natural, broad-spectrum sun protection properties. To achieve a smooth, flawless complexion, use the goodness of minerals!

Loose Minerals

Loose Minerals:

Mineralz by Sia loose mineral foundation is the purest, most natural looking form of foundation available. These exceptional loose minerals can be applied dry for a lighter coverage or wet for a heavier coverage and full spectrum sunscreen. Incredible oil control with no end of day pasty appearance. Available in 20 colours.

Mineral Cream Compact=

Mineral Cream Compact Foundation:

This mineral foundation has amazing coverage, while still remaining all natural. It can also dual as a concealer for under the eyes that lasts all day! Available in 10 colours.

Mineral Blush Puff

Mineral Blush Puff:

From dusty rose to deep mauve, our blushes will brighten up your cheeks in a soft and natural way. Our blushes are made from silky, sheer formula that’s easily blendable and long wearing. The texture is extraordinarily soft and the colour is concentrated. They are also non-comedogenic. Available in 6 shades.

Setting Minerals:

Mineralz by Sia’s setting minerals are a silky blend of the lightest minerals with just a touch of calcium. Applied after our loose mineral or cream compact foundations, assist in oil absorption as well as adding a smooth, matte “finished” touch to your appearance.

Mineral Body Shimmer/ Bronzer Dust:

Shimmy, Shimmy Shake!

Our silky gorgeous shimmer minerals add some sparkle to your life by giving you a sun kissed look. Wake up tired or pale complexions. Simply dust onto your shoulders, décolletage and cheeks. Great for the beach, candlelit evenings, weddings…in fact anytime you want to shine!

Natural Brushes

Natural Brushes:

Mineralz by Sia’s brushes are hand-made with the finest materials perfect to compliment your new mineral cosmetics. All brushes are not created equal; ours are not made by a machine, but are hand-made by skilled artisans. The hairs of our brushes are from animals, but no animals were harmed in the process. Our handles are smooth hardwood and lacquered but are not from any rain forest or endangered species of wood. We support the protection of the environment and hope that by informing you about our brushes, your choice will be clear.

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