Skin Care Lotions

Looking for a lotion? Have you tried all the skin care lotions out there, including the whitening lotions, cellulite lotions, moisturising lotions, acne lotions, breast firming lotions, aloe vera lotions and more?

No matter what the type of lotion, most over the counter, mass produced lotions are made of water, chemical fillers, synthetic colours and fragrances, and small amounts of active plant ingredients in concentrations so low the lotion cannot possibly have any positive effect on your skin.

Meanwhile, the chemicals in this skin care lotion may actually be doing your skin harm. As you put this lotion on the skin, the harsh chemicals, fragrances and preservatives contained in most skin lotions are actually damaging your epidermal barrier – the barrier that helps to protect us against pollutants, the sun and bacteria. And this accelerates aging.

Yes, that’s right, your face lotion may actually be making you look older!

Do you start your day with a clarifying day care lotion, then use a hydrating lotion, an illuminating lotion and an aha enhanced lotion to care for your skin? You may be interested to know what all these so called ‘healthy’ skin and face lotions that you apply day and night, are really doing to your skin.

At Cosmetics By Sia, we are the lotion experts. Thanks to years of experience in the skin care industry, and extensive research into skin lotions, we can advise you about what beauty lotions do and don’t work. We have also sourced a variety of the best lotions available across the planet today, so you can rest assured that any lotion, cream or serum we recommend will actually do what it says it does.

Our recommended skin care ranges contain the best face and body lotions available, including energising face lotions, vitamin c power that can be added to your lotions, natural, chemical free cleansers, sun blocks and more.

So if you are tired of facial lotions, moisture lotions, wrinkle lotions, eye lotions and firming lotions that just don’t work, contact Cosmetics By Sia for a professional skin care assessment and a prescribed skin care treatment routine that will work wonders for your skin.

The Latest In Skin Care Lotions

Latest skin care research shows that most skin conditions, including aging, occur in the dermis. So it makes sense that any facial moisturising lotion must reach the dermis to have any real effect.

There is no point in spending thousands each year on dry skin lotion, shea butter lotion, cocoa butter lotions, and other creams and lotions for the face and body, if they do not penetrate deep enough reach the dermis.

Anti aging lotion

Sadly, it is in dermal penetration where most over the counter face creams fail. These dry skin lotions simply sit on top of your skin, the chemicals providing a temporary feeling of moisture, and never actually reach the depth where they will do the most good. So your skin remains dry, despite reapplication of lotions. Some of these lotions even contain particles that make your skin shimmer, for the illusion of health.

Cosmetics By Sia’s exclusive brand of natural lotions, Chiral Actives, are designed to penetrate deep enough to reach the dermis where they deliver their amazing, all natural, chemical free ingredients directly into the dermis. In fact, Chiral Actives have been proven to reach the dermis 1000% better than most over the counter skin care lotions. The lotions are a perfect base to wear under makeup, and are guaranteed to improve the quality of your skin, without the scented chemicals or colours that are found in many lotions nowadays. See the full range of the best skin lotion here.

Skin Lightening lotion

If you have suffered from age spots, hyperpigmentation or melasma, then you may have tried a lightening lotion at some point. But, most skin whitening lotions, body whitening lotions, whitening lotions and fade lotions contain a dangerous chemical called hydroquinone – even those prescribed by a doctor. Hydroquinone is actually banned in other countries across the world because of its contra-indications, including depositing a blue/black pigment back into your skin. While it is not banned in Australia yet, Cosmetics By Sia would never advocate the use of a lotion containing hydroquinone. Click here to see our range of all natural skin lotions to fade hyperpigmentation, age spots and other dark skin spots.

Natural lotions

Does your bathroom look like lotion central? Chamomile lotion, witch hazel lotion, tea tree lotion, green tea lotion, organic lotion, aloe lotion, organic baby lotion…there is an array of so call ‘healthy’ skin and face lotions available today. These lotion products are even advertised as being a ‘natural’ lotion option for sensitive skins.

But how natural are they really? While one of the ingredients in this ‘natural’ skin lotion may well be plant-based, what are the rest of the ingredients in this ‘organic’ lotion? Chances are your ‘organic’ body lotions contain one organic ingredient mixed with parabens, petrochemcials and other chemicals. Next time you’re about to invest in a lotion for the skin, do your skin a favour and flip the bottle over and check the ingredients.

Cosmetics By Sia’s ranges of skincare lotions, including Chiral Actives are 100% natural, chemical free, healing lotions that do not contain ANY chemicals, additives, or synthetics. These lotions are the best available in Australia and are suitable for use by even the most sensitive skins. These good lotions sooth irritation and inflammation and are suitable for use on chronic skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Acne treatment lotion

If you suffer from acne, then you know that sometimes the antibacterial lotions you use can be very drying and irritating. This is because these oil free lotions and other lotions for acne actually strip your skin of it natural lipids, which damages the epidermal barrier.

These acne cleansers, creams, blemish fade night lotions, and acne defense face lotions, deep pore cleanser lotions, hydroxy acid lotions, bha lotions (beta hydroxy acid lotions) and more contain many harsh chemicals, including peroxide, which dry out your skin, leading to even more redness and irritation.

The most effective way to treat acne prone skin is to restore normal sebum production in the skin, and reduce inflammation and irritation, by restoring the natural epidermal barrier. Click here for our range of facial treatment lotions designed to clear acne prone skin.

Stretch mark lotion

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but no lotion for stretch marks will completely get rid of stretch marks. Many people use vitamin e lotion, alpha hydroxy, or aha, enhanced lotions, moisturising body lotions, salicylic acid lotion and firming lotions in the hope they will fade unsightly stretch marks. But a stretch mark is actually a tear to the dermis, and once torn, the dermis cannot be healed. To read more about this and find out how you can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, click here.

SPF or UV Lotions

Skin care experts agree, using a face lotion with an spf daily is the most important thing you can do to avoid the telltale signs of aging. Daily UV moitsurising lotion will protect your skin from premature wrinkles, age spots and dryness. But not all sun block lotion is equal. Be sure to look for a physical, not a chemical, sun block. Physical sun blocks use natural elements found in the earth to protect your skin from UV rays. Unlike chemical sun blocks, natural sunscreen will not become less effective when exposed to the sun and will not deposit blue pigment into your skin. To view our range of natural spf day lotions, including an spf 30 moisturising lotion, click here.

Skin problems

Does your eczema lotion or lotion for dry skin seem to make the problem worse? This is because the chemicals in these ‘hydrating lotions’ damage the epidermal barrier, leading to further inflammation and irritation. In fact, in almost all serious skin conditions, the epidermal barrier is damaged. Find out more about how Cosmetics By Sia can assist in curing eczemapsoriasis and rosacea.

Think about it, the lotion you put on your face everyday can seriously affect the health of your skin. Many gels or lotions you now use, including your aha lotion, cosmetic lotion, cleanser, toner, antioxidant lotion and even your organic skin lotions could well be damaging your epidermal barrier, leading to premature and accelerated aging.

So before you buy another pure acid lotion, an oil control lotion or an organic skin lotion, contact Cosmetics By Sia for advice on the perfect lotion for you.

Using the latest diagnostic technology and our years of experience, we can diagnose your skin issues and prescribe the correct cream or lotion for you.

Cosmetics By Sia only stock healthy skin lotions – gentle lotions that contain only natural ingredients and no chemicals whatsoever. All our lotions contain active ingredients that are guaranteed to penetrate right down to the dermis, to restore your skin from the inside out. Our different moisturising lotions are all so gentle, even those with the most sensitive skin can use them. So if your lotion is irritating your skin, give us a call!

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