By now, you no doubt know all about Cosmetics By Sia’s excellent reputation in the skin care industry for the latest in hair removal, skin care, cellulite removal and medical-grade skin treatments for all kind of skin issues. But did you also know that Cosmetics By Sia has it’s own brand of entirely natural mineral cosmetics?

Mineralz By Sia contain all natural ingredients that are found in the earth. Not only do these cosmetics give you beautiful, flawless coverage, they also help to heal and calm inflamed and distressed skin – so applying Mineralz By Sia is a skin treatment in itself!

Many people spend their time sourcing only natural, chemical-free skin care, like our Chiral Actives, but don’t think twice about slathering their skin daily with chemical-filled cosmetics. By the time you’ve applied a chemical sunscreen, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, blush and more, you’ve likely just applied at least 10 different chemicals to your porous, breathing skin. Not good if you want to maintain skin health!

Mineralz By Sia are different, they contain only natural elements found in the earth and none of the nasties like talc, fragrances and colours that find their way into other mineral cosmetics brands.

Find out more about how our mineral cosmetics also heal your skin here. Contact us now for more information.