The benefits of vitamin C face cream have been proven time and time again. But the average over the counter vitamin c face cream does not actually give all the benefits that a good vitamin c face cream could.

Why? For two reasons: First, creams that are sold over the counter in Australia by law cannot penetrate past the uppermost layers of the skin, because to do so would make them medical grade. So even it the face cream contained all that lovely vitamin c it claims to, it’s not getting down to the dermis where it needs to be.

Second, vitamin C loses its potency very quickly when exposed to air. So once you open that jar of vitamin c face cream, it oxidises and becomes less effective.

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Enter Cosmetics By Sia’s physician formulated vitamin c essence by Chiral Actives. Essence is a chirally corrected, powdered, 100% L-ascorbic acid designed to be mixed with our medical-grade serums for a constantly fresh application that never oxidises. The end result is a maximum strength, non-oxidised, penetrating Vitamin C that does not irritate the skin and gets down to where it needs to. Contact Cosmetics By Sia now!